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(C)2009 Jinmi Choi


User Created Animation

4.5D can also incorporate an interactive component to manipulate its content. A different character is projected on each of the four sides on the sculptural installation. When the user approaches a screen, its character's movement is activated. This effect was achieved by attaching a proximity sensor to detect the distance of the user. The character's gestures would differ depending on their own personalities, as well as the viewer's movements. The interesting thing here was that although the animation was flat, it seemed three dimensional on the form. For example, the red, highly nervous character appeared to run away from you, while the blue twister character seemed to climb a hill. When the user leaves, each character returns to its original position. Let's call this "Flat to 3D," because the motion triggered by the user made another dimension in space. For this reason, the 4.5 dimensional space was designed to apply to this.
A second version of this interactive animation was erected with The Interactive Pinball Machine, designed for Troika Designs (located in Hollywood, CA). After designing this interactive installation for their anniversary celebration, the pinball machine played the theme of the event by incorporating Posada's Mexican Illustrations. This pinball machine was made to human scale. When a user stepped on the skeleton's feet they could control the pinball, painted to resemble an eyeball. The ball then bounces around the body of the skeleton, triggering animation clips. The user would only be able to playback the animation clips if their aim of the ball was directed in the correct place. This project was meant to explore how the user's interaction can stretch even the simplest technologies and motion graphics.

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