Yoo Kyoung Noh
Art Center College of Design
The Graduate Media Design Program
Redesigning Wikipedia
Assignment - Redesign Wikipedia using new interaction and experimental approach. The site should consider the design approaches of Usability, Experience Design, and Productive Interaction. In particular, the design should enable the user to create their own meaning space where information is not presented in a straight "flat" format. Instead, the user should be offered affordances that enable them to organize, manipulate and view the information the information in a way that lets them to build a custom experience and shape the information to their own goals. Design for high-resolution displays - e.g. the Apple 23" Cinema Display @ 1920 x 1200 pixels

Concept - One of the things that makes Wikipedia unique is its potential to serve as both a quick reference resource, as well as a tool for extended research across a wealth of interconnected topics. Our redesign aimed to maximize quick reference potential by providing tools that would allow users to quickly find not only the articles themselves, but specific content within the articles. In order to maximized the extended research potential, our redesign focused on making the relationships between linked articles within Wikipedia more transparent and easy to browse. Additionally, the ability to easily browse through the extended relationships of Wikipedia articles creates the potential for users to sample widely and easily from those articles, and create personally curated archives of specific Wikipedia content. This ability is further supported by a history feature which records each article you look at and allows you to refer back to it at any time.

Instructor: Phil Van Allen
Group member: Chris. Lauritzen, Austin Lee

Link to recorded prototype

SWF Live Interaction Prototype