Yoo Kyoung Noh
Art Center College of Design
The Graduate Media Design Program
Body Image in Colors
Assignment - Conduct primary research that uses the qualities unique to the discipline of design including cultural probes, interviews, interventions and audits.

Concept - My design research is about investigating body image perceptions across genders and ages. "Body image" is described as the "mental image of our bodies we form, and is a basic component of our concept of self and our personal identities."(link to website) There have been many researches on investigating body images, but the existing methods such as surveying and interviewing are hard to visualize the result, especially to find the specific and detailed things that we couldn't describe in words. For my research, I designed two probes for two different subgroups of a family; the parents and the children. The probes include two tubes in orange and cyan, papers in length of the actual body height of the interviewees, and crayons labeled with six different questions. Participants were asked to trace the outline of their bodies on paper and answered the questions by coloring their body parts using the crayons enclosed with the other materials. I analyzed the results of my probe concentrating on "partials and particulars" and "patterns and contrasts".

Instructor: Sean Donahue

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Questions on the crayonsbody_img2

A picture of participants

Pictures of examples of the result from Probebody_img3

A picture of the posterbody_img4

Pictures of the booklet


I printed out each image that is seperated by colors in transparent papers to compare the body image.