Yoo Kyoung Noh
Art Center College of Design
The Graduate Media Design Program
Net Creators
Concept - The planetary network enabled people to create a whole new culture in the cyberspace. People would often generate new contents and share them with others in the interlinked space. During the New Ecology of Things Project, our
group focused on how this cultural phenomenon would shift into the new era of pervasive computing environment. The scenario is based on understanding a designer’s role in shifting paradigms in a world where every objects and space are interlinked to the net cloud through embedded technologies. New Ecology of Things(NET) Creators Project deals with exploring a future production line that would transform daily objects into an interface that mediates communication. The goal of this research is to find methodologies for allowing people to put new meanings to their everyday belongings by using ubiquitous computing system.

Project Website

Group member: Austin Lee
Instructor: Phil Van Allen