Yoo Kyoung Noh
Art Center College of Design
The Graduate Media Design Program
The Volutary Political Artworks
Thesis statement - The voluntary works of artists and designers will play avital role in changing the landscape of political conditions.

In this networked environment, one of the most interesting phenomena is that so many artists and designers have chosen to share their subjective political perspectives through their work. Recently, the most significant example of this occurred throughout the United States Presidential Election of 2008. Of the many history-making aspects of Obama's run for President, the art and design that's come out of it isn't insignificant. In this essay, I will argue that the voluntary works of artists and designers will play a vital role in swaying the political landscape by analyzing three transmedia pieces - Shepard Fairey’s striking pro-Obama posters, the “Yes We Can” music video, and the Design/ers for Obama website.

Instructor: Holly Willis

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