Yoo Kyoung Noh
Art Center College of Design
The Graduate Media Design Program
This is not a knob
Assignment - Create physical interface where the audience creates an productive experience by manipulating a single knob and observing a video display or listening to audio (only one medium is allowed)

Concept - Everyone experiences rotating a shower knob to adjust to the proper temperature when he/ she takes a shower. Taking a shower is one of the most common experiences to everyone, and I wanted to use this common behavior as the main physical interaction for my project. For this virtual shower project, I changed the meaning of a hot shower to an emotional experience and a cold shower as a realistic experience. As the user turns the shower knob towards the realistic side, money falls down from the shower-head, and various quotes that tell how to be rich falls down together. On the contrary, as user turns the shower knob to the emotional side, the rose petals and different quotes that tell how to fall in love fall down from the shower-head. The different degrees of the rotation reflects the number of rose petals or leaves of money and the content of the text that fall. If the shower knob sits in the middle, both money and the rose petals fall down together. By turning a real shower knob in a physical space, the user can experience either an emotional or realistic virtual shower and can find the appropriate level of love and money.

Process - For this project I built a wall at real life scale, 6 ft x 8 ft, as a screen using a transparent acrylic board and tracing paper, and projected a flash movie on the wall. To express natural movements of money and petals, I created the animation in After Effects, and created the particles in Flash using using Pulse Particles.

Technical specs - Make controller, Projector, Knob sensor, Flash, NetLabWidgets 2.0b3, Pulse Particles

Instructor: Phil Van Allen