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significance of shadow

Though light and shadow always exist together, each has different connotations. Compared to light, shadows have varied meanings depending on the historical and cultural context. From my research, I have learned that shadows have been a significant formal element, which has been used extensively in various fields.

Shadows carry various implications in different contexts, such as death, soul, hope, beauty, knowledge, life, mystery and so on. For these reasons, shadows have been used in many different fields with metaphore for its unique characteristics, including:


LITERATURE: metaphorically used as symbol of death PSYCHOLOGY: a method for testing child development, particularly by Piaget
ASTRONOMY: proving spherical shape of the earth ARCHITECTURE: bringing nature to interior space PAINTING: creating three dimensionality in two dimensional surface
LANDSCAPE DRAWING: perspective and creating depth 3D GAMES: creating realistic objects using shadow INSTALLATION: connecting the physical body to virtual space through interacting with shadows
STORYTELLING: shadow puppet shows

Like what I listed above, shadows have the ability to mean different things and I want to use shadows as a communication medium through typographic information to amplify the meanings of the words.

My approach of using shadows will have a unique position in world of shadows like: COMMUNICATION MEDIA: experiential typography using light and shadows in space.