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slow media

In this fast paced world, it is difficult to pause even for a few minutes. If a web site takes longer than a few seconds to load in the browser, we move on to another site. Designer, engineers, and scientists put a lot of effort in making things faster. However, our life is finite. Nature has its own speed. Humans cannot control it: we live underneath its providence. Slowness has its own value.

In the One Day Poem Pavilion, messages flow slowly because they follow the movement of the sun. These slow messages offer the audience time to meditate. We cannot force it to go fast. We should wait. We live under the laws of nature. Slowness affords us time to rethink our lives which are finite and valuable. While the poem is revealed slowly, the meaning will resonate with the audience.

Michale Berman, the Vice President of Art Center College of Design, wrote this interesting quote on his blog after the experiencing One Day Poem Pavilion,

"The eternal quality of the work also made me think of the goals of the Long Now Foundation. You can imagine building this pavilion out of the right materials in the right place, and coming back many thousands of years later to find it working exactly the same."