Week X 45-hour project, 2010

In collaboration with Michael Manalo and Jayne Vidheecharoen

During week 9 of fall semester, there is a MDP event called 'WEEK X.' This year's theme was 'Adventures in Computation' lead by Elise Co. The whole week was filled with workshops, field trips, guest lectures, projects, and crits for the concept year students. We were given a 45-hour project to work on in a group of three people.

The project brief is this:

Design a Calculator
- What calculation (or set of calculations) does your calculator perform?
- What are the inputs to your calculator?
- How does your calculator convey its results?
- Demonstrate that quantifiable inputs are manipulated into a quantifiable output.

Our Wearable Choreography Calculator is a calculator hoodie which translates movement of animals to the language of a choreographer. This calculation is sent to the hoodie of a wearer through electronic stimulus and enables the user to perform dance movement. In the four examples we show how it can be used for different types of dance from a solo to a synchronized dance.

While this project is just the result of a 2 day design challenge we believe it has interesting implications for the future of dance and wearable technology.

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