Productive Interaction, 2010

Special thanks to Salvador Orara, Sang-In Chung, Hoon Oh, Link Huang

This project is created under the assignment of designing an interactive display that uses a single physical device for input. A potentiometer is attached to a handle of the window blind that provides an intuitive clue to the operation of this installation. When a user turns a physical handle, the virtual blind opens up and closes as a real one showing you a video of an outdoor scene with a girl. If a user closes the blind fully, a different video is loaded.

Using a physical handle as an input device, my design suggests a new way of story-telling integrating physical environment with the media. The boundary between the real and the virtual is blurred, because of the physicality of the experience. The story behind the blind calls for an active participation of the user to reveal it by spinning a handle, which facilitates people's imagination and anticipation. There are 12 video clips combined in a sequential order and linked with visual hints, any of which can serve as a starting point. They come together to tell a story about a girl trying to communicate through a window.

Arduino, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, potentiometer and NET Lab Toolkit were used to create this project. Twelve videos were edited with Adobe After Effects. I used Adobe Flash with the plug-in components for physical computing developed by Philip Van Allen.

Knob close-up

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Content: 12 video clips