People Knowing, 2010

In collaboration with Bora Shin and Brooklyn Brown

The experiments were in "people-knowing"-how to engage people, how to grab their attention, and to illicit interaction from individuals going about their daily lives.

We were asked to work on creating three different interventions:
1. A Trap
2. A Scenic Route
3. A Dispenser

The project served to function as Trap. Using a simple installation of a laptop, a photography light, a sheet for collecting email addresses, and a panda standee prop, we were able to get people to pose for a photograph without even being in the area.

They posed at the end of the countdown that was played on the laptop each time because of the cultural expectations of the countdown, the standee, and the light. They were clearly unsure whether their picture was being taken, but most people posed regardless. There was a fake flash at the end of the instructional video to make the participants believe that it was taking a single photo. In reality, the computer was recording them the whole time, so we just took screenshots afterwards and emailed them to the people who had left their email addresses for us.

Instructional video that played on the laptop

people interacting with this ambiguous installation

Only a few people actually left their email address to receive their photos, the rest just walked on.