Good Living in Mixed Reality, 2011

Plane House is an ongoing project exploring the role of home in the age of radically hybridized space.

Relocation is a common activity now. It varies from moving to a nearby place to a farther location like a different city or even to a different country. Where you stay, which was considered as 'home' before doesn't hold the same meaning any longer. What is the result of having a temporary home? Do you have to give this space the same treatment you have given to your permanent place? Does this space have to look like a traditional home?

This project proposes a new framework for a temporary housing in the airport.

My first approach is to emphasize the excitement of going through an airport and being on an airplane as a resident by rephrasing key experiences of a traveler. Getting the boarding pass, going through security, feeling anxious and excited about flying, meeting the flight attendants, and meals and relaxation getting served with hospitality. The Plane House is advertised as a place that would give you a romantic feeling of a fake traveler.

First sketch

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During the process, I realized that reinterpreting the space with a different perspective wasn't enough. And the degree of confinement which exists in a usual experience of an airport should be redirected to make this experience a radical form of living that is not achieved through everyday life and therefore could be a luxury. For my next iteration, I tried to come up with a system which fulfills the needs of a group of people who have a desire of living in an ultra safe environment. In this approach, the airport is depicted as a space that guarantees safety, total service, and seclusion from the world. You might ask me how you would be able to project your identity in this confined space. However, does a space or object really have that much control in the construction of our identities?

Second sketch

The next step would be about the answering the questions raised, and coming up with the beginning of this space and finding the grain of fact that would support it. For example, imagining a world of hyper density or a demolished city which brought this Plane House into a scene.