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This project curated one month of Ashton Kutcher's twitter feeds into a book. My intention was to discover the patterns in his content, and to figure out what makes him the most followed person on twitter, the answer to which I still don't know. Since finishing this project, I have encountered many services that offer a personalized tweetbook. In a way, my book is similar to these services, with the exception that it was done manually, and it displayed the categorization of his feeds into four parts based on my analysis.

Moving forward, it would be of interest to create a piece of software that would assist in laying the twitter feeds into a document. Doing so has the potential to establish a more efficient process. As for the analysis part, I believe computer programming is not at the level to categorize and analyze our twitter feeds into subjects yet. However, it will become (or it already has become) possible if approached as a collaborative effort in fields like linguistics, psychology, computer science, etc. When it happens, it will be a powerful tool especially in market research.

How soon will there be services which can take our data and not only count it, but interpret it as we do?