Undergraduate Thesis, 2009

In collaboration with Seung-Jin Chung, Kyung-Min Lee, and Ye-Seul Min

This design project should be understood with the cultural and historical background of the present situations of Korean society, turning into multicultural society rapidly. The goal of the project was to ease ethnic tension as well as to enhance mutual understanding in transition from mono-ethnic to multi-cultural society.

To harmonize the view of Korean society, our group suggested that we should learn from our children, who see the world without any prejudice. The idea was attained from the research we conducted at an elementary school. We gave children 15-20 minutes to draw a foreigner, and after that we had a discussion with them. We did this activity in three classes - the first, fourth grade, and sixth grade.

The results have shown us that the younger children are, the less prejudiced they are. It was also seen that children disentangled the complicated matter by just going out and playing. For that reason, 'Let's play together' became the main theme and our main source was drawings from the first graders.