Curation Techniques

Hans Ulrich Obrist; Curator, critic, historian

Curator as Artists/Individuals who take on multiple roles

Fred Wilson; artist, curator
Reena Spaulings; curator, gallerist
Miranda July; designer, artist, filmmaker, writer

Collecting/curating from Media outlets

Natalie Bookchin; Media Artist.
Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen's
Jonathan Harris; media artist
Installation: An Artist's Impression:

Artists working with collections / found objects

Michael Landy; artist
Tony Cragg; sculptor
Salon Style
Eames exhibition

Alternate Perspectives, seeing things a different way

Barbara Probst; photographer
Jenny Holzer; media artist
John Berger; Author

Conversations/Language around the subject/object

Phenotypes/Limited Forms:
Fluxus movement
Relational Aesthetics