five google searches

What can a google search document tell? What are we inquiring about?  

I typed who what when where how into google and recorded the suggested searches.  Because the suggestions are determined by the most popular searches, the words capture the current cultural state of the searchers.  

Shortly after the Haiti earthquake I typed "Where", and the searched revealed "Where is Haiti?", which is reflective of the contemporary culture.

The phrases that flicker when typing into the google search are an output of the searches particular to that user's country Google's suggestions reflect our current cultural state, because these searches are real questions that people are asking within the web.

Through the process of typing WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE and HOW, I captured and collected flickering ephemeral phrases to curate the collective unconscious of searches. From the compilation of google searches, one form of media(the internet) was transformed into another(video that refreshes the google search). The quick frames displaying the searches allow the viewer to feel the transient nature of a search, reflecting the transformative nature of our culture.

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