curating today study

A curating collaboration with Hunter Sebresos.

Installation Description:

Exploring the boundaries of communication and the semantics of the word “today,” Haelim Paek and Hunter Sebresos have curated this space without ever being in this room together.

For a period of two weeks each Designer posted no more than two items everyday that represent “today,” thus examining the meaning of the word beyond that of 24 hr. period of time. Though they worked apart from each other and conventional communication was avoided, a dialogue clearly developed as one perceived and responded to what the other had presented. In a sense, each has played the role of both spectator and curator.

From this project, we learned:

How the installation reflected the mapping of our collaborative yet independent creative thinking process. How to brainstorm indirectly—enforcing critical thought process in passive way.
Created a more enriched discussion about “Today” after the 2-week process.