one news article; many voices

How can you re-read a news article?

A writer/journalist weaves interviewed quotes with the context of the article not merely to believe in the story, but to make it appear objective/natural/to efface their role as organizer of information. What happens when the text is stripped from the structure that makes it a piece of journalism?

The NYtimes article “No Place at School for Aids Orphans” discussed how a group of parents in Vietnam were opposed to AIDS orphans attending school with their children. I felt appalled, disappointed, disgusted, and confused while reading the article. I realized that although the perspective of the other parents that did not want the AIDS orphans attending school seemed ludicrous, it didn't make their viewpoint less valuable. In order to look at the article from another perspective(beyond my initial reaction), I deconstructed the article by stripping the text away from the original structure; the final designed poster is curated pieces of text based on the multiple viewpoints (orphans and the group of opposed parents) in the article. By isolating these viewpoints, I exposed journalism structure to amplify the distinct perspectives. This designed outcome is a new way to read/view the story.