three interviews

What do you discover when you interview curators about curating? What can you learn from a few interviews?

I interviewed NYC gallerists/curators about the sphere of curating as a mode of research. To read beyond the text, I curated the interview transcripts in order to investigate how language can be transformed when the subject(in this case curation) is omitted.

"No matter what you do, so who cares if you're a big fancy curator? If you're a fucking dick, you know and there are a lot of people in the art world that are, that are like fuck that person, you know?"

"If you're an asshole, people aren't going to want to work with you."

-- Jonathan Levine

These quotes are from an interview about curation with Jonathan Levine, a NYC gallerist and curator, but the comments don’t apply to curation alone.

I organized the interview transcripts into three different panels; the first panel displays all of the transcription, the second panel highlights the sections with the word curator, curation, curating, and curate and the third panel strips the highlighted transcript from the word of curation and everything surround the subject. A sound piece of the interviews compliments these three panels.

By subtracting curating, the viewer is left to read between the lines of the text, allowing a second perspective to understand the interview beyond what is given to them. By breaking down the transcripts through this system, I used the interview as a catalyst; the subject of curation reveals what the interviewees wanted to discuss: their beliefs, values and position--regardless of curation.

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Thanks to the curators who contributed
to this project:

Maggie Clinton
Ben Godsil
Sarah Hasted
Jonathan Levine