This thesis is dedicated to my mother, a woman who taught me the world, and much more.


My supportive father, who is an amazing friend and teacher.

thesis committee

Tim Durfee
Garnet Hertz
Shannon Herbert
Ben Hooker


Phil Van Allen
Rob Ball
Anne Burdick
Sean Donahue
Norman Klein
Lisa Krohn
Kevin Wingate

exhibition team

Jiyon Hong
Amy Sharp
Ping Li

friends and colleagues

Chris Becker
Nicole Chan
Luke Johnson
Dee Kim
Jae Kim
Chris Laurtizen
Mike Lavora
Austin Lee
Mari Nakano
Yoo Kyoung Noh
Ana Ramos
Hunter Sebresos
Mikey T
Artie Vashisht
Hyun Ju Yang
Haemi Yoon

thesis research interviewees

Urshula Barbour
Ayah Bdeir
Paul Carlos
Anthony Deen
Keith Godard
Margot Perman
J├╝rgen Riehle
David Schwarz
Shoko Tagaya