Curious Displays
Julia Y. Tsao
Movement StudiesUse vs. Non-UseSwarm RoboticsAccessory Objects

Having defined the Curious Displays product, I began a series of parallel explorations to gain a sense of how the display might behave, and how it might manifest in our daily lives. I simultaneously explored several very contrasting ways of working--in motion graphics, in storytelling, in physical computing, to name a few. These explorations were varied and diverse in nature, but allowed me to gain a more far-reaching understanding of what these little pixel blocks are, and how we might go about living with them on a day to day basis.

Several relevant sub-topics were identified and explored simultaneously through different methods of experimental research, rapid prototyping, and speculative storytelling. These areas include:



What if the Blocks were larger?
What if the Blocks were smaller?
What if the Blocks were microscopic / like dust?
What if the Blocks were super synched?
What type of movement do the Blocks exhibit?
How are they oriented as they move?
Screens vs. single LED pixel vs. LED matricies?
Lo-Resolution vs. High-Resolution?
How does the resolution define the use cases?
How do we live with the blocks?
How do we interact with them?
What is their purpose in our daily lives?
How do we use them in public space vs. in the domestic / private space?

I began the task of trying to answer some of these questions with the following explorations:

01) Understanding Displays

02) Use vs. Non-Use

03) Swarm Robotics

04) Science Fiction & The Future


CURIOUS DISPLAYS.  Copyright 2009.  Media Design Program, Art Center College of Design.  About Julia Tsao.  Acknowledgements & Thanks.