Curious Displays
Julia Y. Tsao

A physical experiential prototype was constructed as an exploration for Curious Displays as a product. The experiential prototype sought to address a series of questions that emerged out of the practical development of the display as a project. How would they move around the house? How would they behave? How would we have to negotiate with them on a social and behavioral level? The decision was made to create a human-scale, 3-dimensional installation space for the Curious Displays to really come alive.

Three scenarios were developed as an exploration of how Curious Displays might manifest themselves in daily life.

The Out of Box Experience

What if your newly-purchased display crawled out of its store-bought package, carefully inspects and analyzes its new living space, and installs itself on your living room wall?

To Do's and Reminders

What if your display could place itself in your path to help you remember things:

- Water the dying plant!
- Found your lost keys!
- Don't be late to your meeting!
- Call your angry mother!
- Drop off your dirty laundry!

Moving Motion Picture

What if your display could run around the room to the pace of a movie, and break apart to reveal different pieces of a narrative, or something different all together?


Curious Displays Video
Curious Displays Video

CURIOUS DISPLAYS.  Copyright 2009.  Media Design Program, Art Center College of Design.  About Julia Tsao.  Acknowledgements & Thanks.