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The picture above is a reference guide map that shows the key disciplines my project is related to. Each floor shows a key concept of my thesis exploration and the floors are laid out according to how big a role it plays in the thesis. I have identified significant quotes, noted its source and added my thoughts, questions, and analysis in reply to those quotes.

You can check out the map in my projects section or find a more extensive list of references on this page of the website.

Thesis Blog: http://blog.haemiyoon.com/

Thanks to...

MDP faculty and advisors:
Ben Hooker(lead), Garnet Hertz, Elise Co, Shannon Herbert.
Anne Burdick(chair), Tim Durfee, Norman Klein, Phil Van Allen, Sean Donahue, Lisa Krohn, Michael Bielicky, Kevin Wingate.

All-purpose support- My Family. My extrordinary boyfriend, Frankie & the David's.
Fellow class-cellmates- Yoo Kyoung, Austin, Hyun Ju, Haelim, Nicole, Chris B, Chris L, Hunter.
Cheerleaders/therapists- Hye Mi 1, Dee, Haejin, Hoon, Jinmi, Jiha, YuSeung, Ping, Yee, Kylan, Adam G, Link.
My very understanding friends- Jiwon, Angela, Bessie, Mika, Jamie, Tyler, Gurim, Hoi, Jjang, I-jou, Charlotte, Cindy.
My design parents- Gale Okumura, Barbara Molloy, Timothy McNeil.

and truely, all of MDP.

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