Haemi Yoon
Art Center Graduate Media Design
Master Thesis Website

As an interaction designer, I realized how much our current design disciplines focus on the formal and functional aspects of objects. During "work time," objects are expected to work safely, consider ergonomics, embody appropriate haptics, and be effective. Because of this, we have high expectations towards these objects and are impatient when they do not work. From this insight, initial inquiry asked "why can't we accept imperfection of electronic objects?" Becoming more convinced that electronic objects are allowed to expose behaviors and personalities during their "freetime," I came to the conclusion that we could shift the master-servant relationship we have with our objects to a more meaningful one.


Through research, experiments, and various discourse with the people around me, I was able to identify some restrictions, methodologies, inspirations. I developed more questions based on the initial inquiries:

• Can we bond with technology without making machines easier, powerful, or attractive?
• Can the blur between "work" and "play" be applied to technology as an interesting analogy?
• How smart have electronic objects become?
• Can imperfections in technology be seen as unique affordances, giving more meaning to different objects in different situations, to different people?
• Furthermore, would we be able to feel connected to machines and be able to extend the shelf-lives of objects despite consumerism?

Feel free to trace my thesis journey on my Thesis Blog: http://blog.haemiyoon.com/

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