Haemi Yoon
Art Center Graduate Media Design
Master Thesis Website

RESTLESS FREETIME is a playful investigation into the use of down-time in objects. Conventional interaction design focuses on the high-level and productive interaction between man and machine. This project opens up idle time of electronic objects as an opportunity for meaningful experiences. The methodology is inspired by current trends in "emotional design," "techno-biology" and "anthropomorphism" which result in seeing electronic objects as pets and friends. Instead of presenting entirely new product concepts, RESTLESS FREETIME strives to expose and shift the owner-servant relationship we have with our objects. As a result, the objects in this project, during their "free time," exhibit different behaviors that are not productive but rather full of character. The biggest potential to this concept is that in the future, people are able to appreciate all objects in the world just the way they are... including those that are electronic and man-made.

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