Haemi Yoon
Art Center Graduate Media Design
Master Thesis Website

Initially only knowing that I was interested in the human-machine interaction, affection, and imperfection, I started exploring the concept of "wabi-sabi," the beauty of imperfection, and how imperfection can cause empathy or exhibit humanness in machines. Realizing my focus on the formal imperfection of objects, I shifted my experiments towards behavioral imperfection of objects. Stating "simple personification" and "literal bio-mimicry" as two major methodologies to avoid, I started thinking about what "machine-like" personalities could be like, and how we would understand those behaviors. After a series of prototypes displaying anthropomorphic behaviors of machines, I noticed the the concept of "free time" of electronics stand out from the rest and set it as the umbrella theme for my thesis.

At the end of each experiment description, you will find a web link that is dedicated to the particular experiment.

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