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MediaTech, 4.09.09

This series of projects was all about exploring the relationship between technology and media through various combinations of type, image, motion, sound, and interaction. I am most interested in the barrier between technology and media, and in the various ways technology can become media, or vice-a-versa. Through my explorations, I came to view technology as any tool or technique, period, and media as any application of tool or technique that communicates meaning. That is, media is the place where meaning and technology meet. My explorations focus on the different ways that technology can become meaningful, and thereby media. In most cases this boils down to variations on the theme of organization. Graphic forms organize into letterforms, which organize into words. Zero's and ones organize to create languages read by printers and displays, which organize pixels and dot matrices into images. Sometimes this act of organization is deliberate, but sometimes technologies interact with themselves in ways that we find meaningful. In such cases, we find ourselves using technology to capture itself, and the spaces where meaning and technology meet get pushed further and further from any recognizable context. It is within these new spaces that contexts must be designed anew.