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Objectospyer, 2.04.09

What stands to be lost in a world of self aware, networked, constantly watching smart objects? In addition to serious human rights violations, there is also the potential for extreme embarrassment. The very gadgets you purchased to bolster your sense of worth could be the source of your greatest undoing, gossiping about you behind your back and revealing all your vulnerabilities to the world at large. I propose the existence of a new gadget for you to buy, one that will allow you to spy on the networked communications of all your other gadgets. However, because this new gadget is still a gadget, it is all the while telling the rest of your gadgets when you are listening, and they never fail to behave themselves accordingly. When the Objectospyer is watching gadgets (in this case a pillow and a tooth brush having a conversation on a bench) they know, via the network, and put on their most charming "corporate voices". When the Objectospyer is pointed elsewhere, gadgets resume their nasty gossip. What does your pillow know about you?