"My objects just automatically enable me to connect with people who are using the same objects simultaneously. It was great to communicate with someone who are generating similar contents as I."

The original movie footage from the movie, "Julie & Julia"

Even if different users’ objects are not in the same network, a group of objects could automatically form sub-networks and trigger real-time serendipitous networks with similar implication of objects and the same gesture. The two people in this scenario, they are in the kitchen simultaneously and are using a similar group of three objects, an inexpensive wine, vintage stew pot and stir fry pan. And there are four more people in the world who are using the similar objects at the same time. The three objects automatically create a sub-network among the six people. If the context  of the situation is similar, the content that they are making would be similar as well. Therefore, the sub-networks connect people in more meaningful and interesting ways.

Within the sub-network, the two women in this scenario coincidently get connected to each other by performing the same gesture simultaneously with similar objects. The random and intentional unexpectedness could evoke emotional companionship between people and provide new experiences for social interaction. For privacy issues, only people who set up their current recording content to be public can join this network.

Since the network is created coincidentally, mundane and everyday behaviors and the object itself could be the interface to evoke serendipity. From this scenario, I am suggesting new ways of designing natural interfaces by using ubiquitous everyday objects.

Interactive prototype

In this scenario, the audience can participate to create real-time serendipitous network by pouring wine at the same time with the characters in the movie. In front of the audience in the exhibtion space, there are also a inexpensive wine, vintage stew pot and stir fry pan like the movie that he/she is watching. The movie invites the audience to participate in creating a real-time serendipitous network by showing a short message, "Pour your wine to the stew pot". Once the audience starts the gesture of pouring wine, he/she also gets involved in the real-time serendipitous network and they can share their same experiences by having conversation.