“The most fascinating thing about the cooking school objects was its ability to let us create our own private network where we could communicate and share our own experiences with our classmates.”

The original movie footage from the movie, "Julie & Julia

Internet social networking tools such as Facebook enable us to build more intimate and strong relationship and experience social interaction with people whom we already know in real world. Also, the network is a very important source to share knowledge and information. How will networked objects create meaningful social networks and provide different level of emotional bonds?

This scenario illustrates one possible futuristic way to create a private social network within this system. The cooking school students are connected to each other and involved in their private class network where they can share their contents by having networked kitchen tools. Even if they are using the same objects and cooking the same things, each person’s unique techniques are recorded by the objects and create different contents. By sharing their distinct object-generated contents and communicating with each other, the system creates meaningful object-oriented social networking and companionship.

It is hard to use a touch-screen based interface when we are cooking because our hands get dirty. The object can instead be used as interfaces to activate the screen and camera. Also, it is appropriate to use an intuitive gestural interface to access the contents.