Collaborative Perception


Collaborative Perception asks how we can relearn and reapply media content, namely, how we author and apprehend multiple media sources.

The project researches the affordances of low-cost technologies as tools for participatory storytelling, reconsidering the use of two-dimensional screens.

The approach creates a multi-layered authoring space that can be explored with the audience's imagination and curiosity.


My thesis project, "Collaborative Perception," is expressed by three projects that developed one after the other, which I have named 'X,''Y,' and 'Z'. Each project required different modes of collaboration, in turn describing the the ability of collaborative television auteurs to generate ideas, produce visual material, and to test the abilities of our imagination.

For the X Project, the participating storytellers are the editors. In the Y Project, they take on the roles of directors. For the Z Project, they become an extension of the viewer's actions into fictional characters.