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Graduate Thesis
experiential typograph

future travel device
subjective map
interactive story
the door
imagination and Insanity

italian futurism
afgahnistan poster
invisible city
neo realism poster
type specimen

Design Research
6 year-old boy: persona
envisioning exhibition

digital abstraction
3 dimensional type

the door

A classic short story, The Door, written by E.B. White, describes the mental state of a crazed person in a world full of surprises and disappointments. To best illustrate the frustration in the story, we used the technique of the emblematic narrative. In an emblematic narrative, time, space, and order is not important. Persons, places, and things have no back story, no historical significance; they are merely icons to illustrate the thematic point.

Our designs use simple black and white lines, devoid of any meaning and completely minimalistic in approach. We added interactivity to the designs so that the user will experience the same hopelessness of the protagonist.

Project with Jackson Wang

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