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Graduate Thesis
experiential typography

future travel device
subjective map
interactive story
the door
imagination and Insanity

italian futurism
afgahnistan poster
invisible city
neo realism poster
type specimen

Design Research
6 year-old boy: persona
envisioning exhibition

digital abstraction
3 dimensional type

Future Travel Device

Foreseeing a future where people go around the world with one mobile device to serve all their needs, we designed how those devices will act while traveling. The system is based on the belief that users traveling need a one handed, simple device that communicates useful information (status, directions, optional stops etc.) while moving through a transit system. The information the device uses is gathered from local networks and is therefore accurate and up to date, not to mention site specific.

The interface doesn't require the traveler's full attention, they can simply carry it like an open cell phone and glance at it when needed.

Project with Peter Shultz

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