The drive behind the Shop Conscious project was the desire to create a shopping experience that would provide people a path to product awareness. The hope was not to change the shopping experience, but rather to enhance it. By giving shoppers the option to be more conscious when shopping, they will be able to instantly find out the environmental, social, and quality aspects of an item. Providing this information would let consumers make an educated decision about the item they are interested in before making a purchase. This ability to see though advertising campaigns, and be more aware of where their money is going, gives power back to the consumer.

The content that would be represented in our final informational design for this product was crucial. We wanted to boil down the categories that were represented so that shoppers could get an efficient, clear, quick, read on an item of clothing. It was important not to hinder the shopping experience, only to enhance it. Shoppers have the ability to "scan" a tag using a handheld device while in the store. The content generated from this scan is broken down into three categories. The first category represented was environmental. This includes such factors as energy management, CO2 consumption, global warming and toxic waste. The second category related to ethical standards. This was defined as workers rights, fair trade and child labor. For the third category, we wanted to give consumers the means to see consumer reviews and customer satisfaction of an item.

When a consumer enters the dressing room to try on clothing, they set the scanning device into a dock. From there the device projects category results in a more in depth manner on a screen. As the shopper tries on the clothing they will be able to see related data on screen. We also included a social network component to Shop Concious. By switching on a light above the dressing room mirror, consumers are able to ping their friends for comments about the clothing.

To read more about this project please visit our site that gives a more detailed view of our process in this project.


Shop Conscious device application, gives the user a quick read on the clothing item the scan and how it relates to their preferences.

Shop Conscious dressing room.

Haelim Paek and Nicole Chan working out the details.