Velocitory Tower is a vehicle behavior recording device. A physical data visualization and representation of information that changes overtime for the duration of that specific drive. while the user adjust the Risktamer for more aggressive or passive behavior, each layer of velocity will rotate left and right. Each layer records about 15 minutes and settles on the average behavior within that time. You can see the how you've been driving aggressively for the last half hour, maybe its time to back off now. Or trying to be aggressive while being efficient, a correlation with aggressive driving and efficiency… like hypermilling but Hyper-aggressing in this case. Variations of settings will cause this display to rotate at various angles overtime. This device is part of the temporal interfaces which allows the user to create their customized ecology of shape shifting objects.

In my scenario example, the wife was telling the user how he drives too aggressive, so he turns to his wife and say… "no look, i drive passive most of the time, only couple times i was being a little aggressive".























































After initial pencil sketch, I jumped right into designing the 3D print CAD files in Solidworks to ensure the servos and piviot points are perfect.

Sodering the servos together to save wire space.


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