Being critical is not equal to being negative or criticizing. However, it is easy to become like that when one tries to oppose general values, norms, or "oughts". Looking back at the two semesters I spent wrestling with "Happiness", I think I lost an objective perspective, and was biased by my attempt to become "critical". I wish I had explored more of other possible future scenarios besides a tragic one, so that people can compare different scenarios and come up with their own judgment on which is the one they want and don't want. The Plateau of Happiness, my last creation, was an attempt to find a balance in my perspective by introducing both value-neutral services and unsustainable ones at the same time. However, it needs more variations and also a navigational system that people can explore with.

The project is officially over and my obsessive inquires about happiness have ended. Ironically, I feel more uplifted and become able to look and experience more of other things and find values in them. I wonder if happiness is more likely to visit us when we forget about it rather than try to chase it. Maybe this is the biggest lesson I take away from this project.