Plateau of Happiness is a map filled with myriads of organizations and services to induce, insure, and incentivize one's happiness. The intent of this map is to engage viewers and invite them to explore. Within this space, viewers are allowed to respond to these services in the way they feel and think. Below are some examples of elements shown in the map.

An experimental intervention implemented by the Happiness Initiative in order to promote the proliferation of positive emotions and prevent the contagion of negative emotions. People who make positive expressions within this space will earn a merit point, which they can transform into tax credits. People who show signs of depression, anger and sadness excessively get connected to counselors. In order to read people's emotional conditions effectively, "Frown- Free Zone" is being monitored by FACE WATCH surveillance cameras that are able to recognize facial expressions, vocalizations, and movements.

A shelter built around selected palm trees allowing people to exhale their negative expressions in a safe and therapeutic way. In order to assist this process, Cloud Zero is equipped with blank interactive walls that react to people's emotional conditions or display their creations temporarily.

Flow is a mental state of intense immersion and absorption with the present activity. When in Flow people feel joy or even rapture. Unlike other artificial or hedonistic pleasures, the happiness from flow experience is lasting and more fulfilling. The goal of our center is to help people maximize their chance of experiencing flow in their day-to-day lives. We assist you to find activities for the flow experience and manage you to keep the balance between skills and challenges of the task that are key to creating flow.

Located in the heart of downtown LA's new business area, the Happiness Forecasting Center provides an analysis of individual's future feelings in different settings in order to help people make a decision that is most likely to lead to happiness. At the Center, we collect, analyze, and evaluate individual's current situation and feelings. Understanding of these is critical to help individuals recognize any of their cognitive bias they make when they estimate their future feelings. We also have "Peripheral Vision Simulation" room that guide people to look at possible peripheral activities that tend to be ignored easily while they focus too much on the target event. This helps people to have a more holistic picture of their future conditions and their emotions. Lastly, the Center shares the video archive containing people's emotional responses in different settings or as a result of conducting certain behaviors. By observing how other people feel happy in different circumstances, people tend to make a more objective judgment on their future feelings.

MICO(Mind Insurance Company)
We all want to be happy and make decisions that (we believe) will bring us happiness. Yet achieving and sustaining happiness is not an easy task due to unexpected life events and the inaccuracy of our foresight. MICO provides you with a canopy of protection against your potential unhappiness. Enjoy your today knowing that MICO's got your back

Happiness is more strongly associated with the frequency rather than the intensity of your positive experiences. The Small Pleasure bank helps you distribute your financial resources to purchase frequent doses of lovely things rather than infrequent doses of lovelier things.

Purchasing new items can be exciting, but this exhillaration ultimately wears out as we become desensitized. To preserve our natural resources and reduce our landfill waste, V Market was developed. It is an immersive 3D environment where you can get a virtual model of the real-life products you desire to have. You can have the product as long as they want, and when the buzz from the object disappears, they can delete it by simply clicking the "trash" button.