Wikipedia Project: Productive Interaction

Group Memebers:
Nicole Chan, Hunter Sebresos, Hyun Ju Yang

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SWF Live Interaction prototype

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Wikipedia Journeys

One of the strengths of Wikipedia is that it provides a structure for learning through browsing. Though users begin with a direct search they also frequently find themselves venturing on to separate paths of related information. We decided to emphasize this strength by tracking a browsing history and compiling them into what we call journeys.

Our design assists the user on four levels as they create these journeys. First, when rolling over a link there is an indication of the level of relevance between the initial search term and the topic of the link. Second, the "Current Journey" application compiles a browsing history, allowing the user access to any part of their journey at all times. Third, journeys can be made public, allowing any Wikipedia user access to the any public journey. This adds an additional layer of information through context and juxtaposition. Fourth, a registered Wikipedia user can track how others are using the journeys they created. This provides additional insight to the topics users are interested and the ways in which they use a journey.

An important additional feature of our design is the applications space. Here the user can customize space with Wikipedia applications, third-party applications, or personal applications. The space is modular and the applications can be sized to preference. Through an application store the user can download third-party applications which could be a means of revenue for Wikipedia. There would also be a platform to allow users to create individualized applications that they may upload for use on Wikipedia.

Our overall goal is to provide Wikipedia users with the accordances needed to make learning by browsing a less cumbersome process and empower them to participate in learning by sharing.