Apparatus of Your Memory

Incidents are generated where the time and location meets. Where the people and incidents coexist, memories are generated.
The Astrolabe is a very ancient astronomical computer for solving problems relating to time and the location of the Sun and stars in the sky. This is done by drawing the sky on the face of the astrolabe and marking it so positions in the sky are easy to find. To use an astrolabe, you adjust the moveable mechanism to a specific date and time. I thought that Astrolabe is a great example of mechanism that is able to illustrate both time and location in physical manner; I deconstructed the form of the former and applied to my conceptual device.
Astrolabes were also used for astrological purposes. Astrology is a group of systems and beliefs, which hold that the relative positions of celestial symbols and related details can provide useful information about personality, human affairs, and other terrestrial matters; I’m using technology and digital media to recreate and reorganize fragments of life of one, yet I’m looking for some mythical value as well.


various studies on scales of the system.

1. longitude  2. moon phases  3.time and the (four) cardinal points  4. time and longitude  5. indication of the phases of life  6. time


This project is about searching and navigating through where the time and location meet and generate incidents to retrieving one's memories and creates a moment of self-reflection. I decided to use surveillance footages, because those contains imageries of you, in which you haven’t seen or aware of. In contemporary society, most part of your lifetime is recorded; it might sounds exaggerated however, it is true. We are facing the era of massive information and our life is digitally created along with us, living in this real world. For example, these days most people are born and pass away in a hospital and our moment of both birth and death are recorded by security camera in the hospital. After someone’s death, although he or she does not exist in this world any more, the recorded life of one will keep floating around, creating “phantom information”.

The timeline of this device, which stands vertically, is divided into two sections. The red zone is the searching area for the video from surveillance camera shot in certain time and the blue zone is your point of view looking at outside at that time. If the videos from surveillance camera form your outer appearance, videos of your point of view will form your inner part.






The inner part of this circular graph indicates certain period of one’s lifetime.
The outer circle indicates location where this specific video is shot.


1. birth  2. an adolescence: physically thriving moment  3.getting into college  4. reverse view of 3.  5. adulthood: going to work  6. reverse view of 5 

7.surviving vs. socializing  8. missing the old days  9. death



Digital Confessional


Every time, participants push the button to confess, the betting money of a slot machine, which located on the other side, will go up, attracting gamblers.


This is not a Knob : a compass project


This is not a Knob : a compass project

Since I had a car accident several years ago, the way that I think about the relationship between incidents and the environment in which they occurred has changed. Whenever I pass by the location of my accident, it reminds me of the day the accident happened, even though the scene of the location has changed completely. The impact from the incident doesn't leave, but circulates through the environment, containing traces of the force of the incident.

I designed the simple knob as a device, resembling a compass in form, which provides us with two different time lines of the location at a glance; the past and the future. There are two different layers of footage of this location in this video piece; the blurry, transparent layer of the video represents the past, while the solid background layer of the video is the present, in which we live. The video shows a 360-degree view of the two different streets and the incidents that happened in two decades. The appearance of the compass also represents this situation; when you look at the device from the top view, you see only a metallic material, but from the angled view, you see red plates, which represents the danger of the situation.