One of the major benefits of having gadgets is that it constantly connects us to the world and what’s happening in it. Though these technological devices have allowed us to interact with data from anywhere we choose, there isn’t a unique delivery system for the information they’re delivering especially when “news” is concerned. The printed versions of newspapers can offer mobility, much like a device, but access to content can be cumbersome in certain reading situations. How do we combine the affordances of print and online versions of news and translate that hybrid into a single device? A medium that conforms to human practices and the varied scenarios of accessing news.

A device that truly considers the daily scenarios of our audience as they engage with news content.

Familiar, Classic, Adaptive.

The first question we ask is, “what if there was a device that inherited all the affordances of print, and screen based news formats.” Our goal is to design a flex ible grid system that attacks this question. The user is presented information in an aesthetic which is much more inline with print but then can navigate through the content to access different sections and objects of the paper which is a behavior accustom to online practices. The second question we ask is, “what if the device is adaptive to the activity or environment of the user while he or she is immersed with the content?” The strategy we have set forth is to allow the form of the device to be physically manipulated using the practice of folding to harmonize with the situation in which the user is engaged.