Media as research...

This is a really complicated question; however, I want to approach this question to the way that I usually felt when I heard "media as research".

Nowadays, people are exposed too much in the media culture. Media is in everywhere and follows people in every second. What is leading information revolution forward can be divided into two areas: the completion of infrastructure, the internet, and content industry involving multi-media. For my experience about media as research is all about inform, experience and locate yourself in media culture. Therefore, I want to describe my image, which is a collage to express my point of view about this topic visually.

First of all, I use tow different types of media, which are prints and web as a background. (Of course, the print is just a small part of a media culture, but it's powerful and easy to access to anyone) I could use some other types of media which are video, TV, movie, radio, etc; however, I just used print and web as a vehicle to describe.

Second of all, I used lines indicates caution or warning sign (which are yellow and black color repetition). Even though, we are exposed to media culture everyday, we have option to pick which one is suitable or valuable to ourselves. With in that mind, people need to see the media culture with lots of cautions.

Third, I located the naked body in the upper left side of this collage because I want to show that I am the one who is communicating with these all kinds of media. The reason I used the naked body is that we are bare to these mass media's intention. We see and feel these media whether we want it or not.

Next, I put spoon images to indicate these days media that feed us intentionally. Some people familiar this way to get an information, but others who do not want to get information like that, they find their needs by themselves. I much prefer the second way of researching information and I see the media with lots of caution (filter the certain information out).

Now the role of designer becomes very important. Most of all, they should have the ability to incorporate "culture," beyond eye-catching designs. Therefore, searching for original ideas equipped with international competitiveness are designer's innate mission.