How does media design function in an era of electronic reproduction?
History and Theory of New Media


There are many ways to approach about what is real and what is not real and how does media design function in an era of electronic reproduction. Therefore, I choose the television, Internet, and advertisement as a media design to find out how it functions.

You can often see a world where media can control and alter human life. I cannot find any differences between television system, advertising system and media system. Because they use exactly same style, essential, and methods to attract people. Every single advertisement made with fantastical and agreeable style for the viewer to make them to consume. Also, the television is a brand nowadays, they have their own unique style to distinguish between each channel, for instance: NBC, CBS and Disney channel, all most every person who watch TV regularly they can find the difference of each channel very easily. Especially the Disney is monopolizing entire society with wicked mask to get the illusion from viewer. This is a very important and dangerous thing to be happened because that means TV can control our life and society without our intention. Their absolute being is rule over and manages the viewer's life with unconsciousness. "The mode of human sense perception hanges with humanity's entire mode of existence. The manner in which human sense perception is organized, the medium in which it is accomplished, is determined not only by nature but by historical circumstances as wellÓ (McLuhan, 36).

The media is part of the fund of ideas and images that inform our daily activities, sometimes exerting a more compelling influence than family or friends, school or work. We live in an era of the television's absolute being are rule over our life, so we are no longer have time to interact with other people and think them as a main principal. In addition, you can find the same problem in the Internet also, for instance; MSN and Yahoo, which is, search engine that does not have too many differences, however; the Microsoft is monopolizing the market. The issue of monopolizing the market is very serious because since they start to monopolize, then it is easy to change the entire society with their own intention. However, I personally like to use the Yahoo because it has more accessibility for me to use my own language such as "Yahoo Korea". Using the Internet is all about flexibility and accessibility for the users, for instance; they have a "My Yahoo" for personalizing users to make their own page with their needs. It depends on how much they have the adaptive power to users to be satisfied. After we live in the Internet world, everything is by speed and by clicking that means people is becoming a high temper than before for the decision making. Furthermore, the advertisement can control and alter human life also. Actual images that is an illusion rule over each and every, for example; people buy the beautiful model's smile instead of buying the meaning of the actual product. There is no relation between the image of the model's smile and product. For that reason, the reality is not a reality anymore but it is the reality of the media.

"As the electric information levels rise, almost any kind of material will serve any kind of need or function, forcing the intellectual more and more into the role of social command and into the service of production" (Benjamin, 222). Overflow of information cause people to unify, so it makes loss people's individuality and reckless flow out of the information makes people to depend upon the information without any creativity. That could causes people to straggle of the society system and personal mental disorder. The existing communication industry is changing by the multiple option society because class structures go downhill and depend on the network. The world becomes a unified culture due to the media influence.

In conclusion, the media must show the real world and should provide the world where they can communicate between the media and people. If the media shows that people can have their own position in their place, they will have satisfaction. The world is changing so quickly nowadays specially through the Internet. People want rapid information from the media also, they want their own customized personal thing in their life. Therefore, how the media should approach the goal is to make the people to satisfy their interest of the media to give them a unique phenomenon. The media must consider rapid, unique, and customized people's interest to be able to communicate.


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